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business overview

Energix is one of Israel’s largest renewable energy companies. As of the end of 2022, we have an aggregate portfolio of renewable energy projects of more than 6.3GW MW and 7GW (storage) and over 867MW of operational projects across Israel, the United States, and Poland. We are expanding rapidly and constantly developing new projects with various financial, operational, and local partners

In accordance with Energix’s strategic plan, projects in operation are expected to reach 4.3GW by the end of 2025 with anticipated annual income of 1.5 B NIS per year.

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a breakthrough global green utility committed to our future on the planet

Long-distance running – Stability and persistence, fostering long-term partnerships

Excellence – Striving always to achieve the best result

Creativity – Thinking outside the box and always looking for unique solutions to overcome obstacles

Transparency – Total mutual trust and credibility

Elite team spirit – Operating as one cohesive group in accomplishing our goals




Energix is active in the US market since 2016 with a focus on projects in PJM territory. Today, Energix is one of largest player in the PV market in Virginia, expanding rapidly to nearby countries as well. Energix holds a portfolio of 224MW projects in operation, 416MW projects under construction, 410MW projects in late stage and a pipeline of 6.46GW under development.


Energix is active in the Polish market since 2013 and is the owner of the largest wind farm in Poland. Today, Energix is the owner of several wind farms and photovoltaic projects. Energix holds a portfolio of 301MW projects in operation, 102MW projects under construction and late stage and a pipeline of 650MW projects under development.


Energix operates in Israel since 2009 and is one of the leading players in the market. Energix holds a portfolio of 307MWp projects under operation, 217MW under construction, 180MWp in late stage development and a pipeline of 610MWp under development.

Renewable energy


the Company holds a series of photovoltaic projects in different stages:
470MWp commercially active projects, 430MWp projects under construction or in pre-construction,
630-650MWp projects in advanced stages of initiation and 6.1GWp initiated projects


the Company holds a series of wind energy projects in different stages:
300MW commercially active projects, 104MW projects under construction or in pre-construction, 90MW projects in advanced stages of initiation and 440MW initiated projects


The Company worked to increase its activity in the storage segment, while significantly increasing its series of projects in initiation stages, and identifying opportunities in the storage segment in its operating territories. The Company has a series of initiated projects at a scope of approximately 7GWh, which the Company is developing

About Alony-Hetz Group

The Company is part of the Alony Hetz group, lead by Alony Hetz Properties & Investments Ltd. (TASE: ALHE) being one of Israel’s largest real-estate investment holding companies. Except for its investment in Energix, the Alony Hetz group  focuses on holding commercial real estate in Israel and overseas, primarily with long-term leases to quality tenants. Being part of the Alony Hetz group allows Energix to benefit from Alony Hetz’s highly efficient management practices, and for its outstanding record of investments and strong and stable financial resources.

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