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Who We Are

Energix Group is a global renewable energy company, with operations in the United States, Poland, and Israel. We are a one-stop-shop for renewable energy projects, managing the full lifecycle of solar (PV) and wind energy generation projects, from the planning and construction stages through their operational activity.

Our activities are rooted in our triple-win strategy, through which we strive to simultaneously create value for the environment, the community and the company itself.

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Our Strengths

One Stop Shop – we focus on each and every part in the life-cycle of our projects, maximizing optimizing their value

Long Term Partnerships – allowing us to execute better and with better returns

Special expertise in execution of complex engineering projects

Capital and financial resilience

Energix’s strategy is driven by our core values – Long-Distance Running, Excellence, Transparency, Creativity and Elite team spirit, to achieve higher returns


Together with our landowners, local communities and local governments we are delivering clean, green energy for hundreds of thousands of households.

Wind Generator Systems
55.6 MW
Wind Generator Systems
81.4 MW
Sępopol Wind Farm
Wind Generator Systems
44 MW
Ilawa Wind Farm
Wind Generator Systems
13.2 MW
BANIE I & II Wind Farm
Wind Generator Systems
106 MW
Solar PV Systems
25 MWP


It is evident now, more than ever, that urgent action is required to mitigate the impacts of climate change and adapt to its adverse effects.  We believe that the renewable energy sector has a crucial role in paving the path and leading the charge against climate change, through reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and countering the effects of climate change.

The Company is fully committed to increasing its substantial positive impact on the environment, communities, and other stakeholders, and we constantly strive to better ourselves and improve our performance in this area. These, alongside our exceptional business performance and expansion, are key driver of Energix’s growth.

Energix’s ESG Reports are laying out the Company’s consistent progress and achievements in areas with a pivotal importance to its sustainability efforts. Further, Energix has adopted 12 ambitious ESG goals in areas which are material to our activity, setting out our ESG path forward.

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