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The Wind Energy Segment is the global leading segment to produce electricity from renewable energy sources, with a global cumulative installed capacity of over 800 GW

the wind story

The production of electricity from wind energy is performed when kinetic energy originating from the flow of air, strikes the blades of the turbine, and creates a rotating motion of the blades. This rotating motion is converted into electrical energy through an electrical generator which is located at the top of the tower where the turbine is installed.
The Company holds activity in the Wind Energy Segment in its two out of three of its operating territories: Israel and Poland

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our partners

our strengths

Strategi Collaborations

Business ties and strategic collaborations with leading entities in the market. Strategic and long-term collaborations of this kind, which the Company customarily creates, ensure the continuity of supply of the equipment, which is required for the Company’s orderly activity, while also maintaining price levels, and thereby increasing the Company’s robustness vis-à-vis global trends of supply chain disruptions and the increased market prices of equipment and shipping


The Company has adopted a One-Stop-Shop model which allows it to ensure leadership throughout the entire value chain of the construction of the projects which it owns, from the initiation and construction stages to the commercial operation stage, thereby maximizing the returns from the projects. Additionally, the Company established a local contractor branch in Israel and in the United States, and developed engineering, purchasing and construction infrastructure which it uses for the construction of the projects which mature to the construction stage; and in respect of projects in Israel, once they have been connected to the power grid – for the routine operation of those projects as well

local territorial structures

Building a local and independent organizational infrastructure for each territory, which has the professional skills, creativity, and execution capability to facilitate the completion of complex tasks, and to maximize returns

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